Clock and alarm with MP3 support

AquaAlarm is extremely useful small utility for UIQ. AquaAlarm replaces standard alarm notification for UIQ. Different "Snooze" options, excellent integration with Symbian OS, compatibility with AquaCalendar or standard Agenda. To start trial period you should (only once) Goto Control Panel -> find "WirelessEnabler" (General tab). Wait till get list of available services and programs from PocketTorch server.

Features of AquaAlarm:

  • All "Snooze" options you need
  • Display correct "Start time" of scheduled entry
  • Keep trask of Missed/Snoozed/Today/Upcoming alarms
  • Open entry to edit
  • MP3 and build-in sounds (not interrupt like standard one)
  • Auto silent option
  • Support of both flip open/ flip closed modes. Autostart in ~45 seconds

Multi-featured alarm clock for your UIQ cellphone.



AquaAlarm UIQ 1.4